Candidate Solutions

At SK Consultancy Solutions we recognise that delivering the right people are paramount to our our client’s project success.

The job market, especially in the consulting sector, has been more fluid over the past few years. Essentially people know these days that moving to a new company often means moving up in level/status, responsibility and of course in remuneration package. Moving often will represent an opportunity to accelerate ones career, if engineered correctly!

All of the above facts mean that employers expectations are high as more experienced people compete for attractive opportunities. It is essential for candidates to differentiate themselves effectively and clearly demonstrate the ‘Value add’ they would bring to their prospective employer.

For our candidates SK Consultancy Solutions strives to ensure the highest possible opportunity of success by providing specialist support through the application and interview process. As some applications in the market are rejected at CV screening, often the most critical factor overlooked is the delivery of an ‘effective’ CV that secures that 1st interview and beyond.

Our consultants can work with you, to assist with the wording, layout and style of a CV. Where appropriate, we may also provide candidates with template/sample CV/s to assist with further CV enhancement.

We always provide our candidates with a full job description along with any client briefing notes and examples of previous interview feedback to view alongside the profile of their interviewer prior to an interview.

We pride ourselves on fully briefing our candidates for interview by providing them with an interview preparation session. During this process, our candidates are guided on various interview techniques to facilitate differentiation from other interviewees.

This is referenced on a number of LinkedIn recommendations. Please contact your Consultant at the company for more information on any of the above points.

Also please feel free to click here if you require further preparation tips

Sasha is extremely professional, diligent and committed in his dealings. He demonstrated good understanding of current technology trends and brings value in his services. I wish him success and happy to recommend him.

Experienced Architect
15th October 2019

Sasha provided me with incredible service. He is a great professional extremely committed and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work with through the recruitment process. Sasha kept me updated with feedback and was very encouraging. He always provided excellent advice on all levels, which helped me prepare for the interview. Once more, thanks, Sasha!

Senior Solutions Architect
23rd August 2019

An extremely professional and a well organised advisor who puts in a lot of effort and commitment to understand the demand, roles and skills. Sasha is ready to go extra miles to add values to both the client and the candidate. I really appreciate his quick response, efficiency and prompt follow up. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Senior Consultant
20th August 2019

I had a chance to meet and work with Sasha during my selection for attune consulting. He has been extremely professional in all steps, working hard in order to find the match between the hiring requirements and my skills and capabilities (and I believe that this task, that is progressively fine tuning the alignment between the demand and the offer is where Sasha plaid at his best), often looking beyond the requirements and the skills in order to give more value to the Client Company and the candidate. I really recommend him as a trusted ad visor in the recruiting space.I really appreciate his quick response, efficiency and prompt follow up. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Program Manager
14th August 2019

I was contacted by Sasha from SK Consultancy and from the outset, I found him to be very professional, honest and dedicated. The information that was given to me by Sasha was absolutely spot on and detailed. He guided me through the entire process and kept me up to date on a timely basis. He was able to answer all my questions and where he did not have a direct answer immediately, I assured me he will be getting that and sure he did on several occasion. Unlike most recruiting firms and individuals, Sasha was unique in his approach. With his help and support, I was able to land my dream job as an Application Consultant with a fortune 500 IT Consulting firm. This will not have been possible without Sasha’s resolve. I recommend him and SK Consultancy to anybody who is looking for the sameIt was a pleasure to work with him.

Application Consultant Data Analyst
9th August 2019

Thanks to Sasha's patient and diligent recruitment approach, I was able to secure meaningful employment after a period of outage. I would recommend to contact him if you are looking for a role. I recommend him and SK Consultancy to anybody who is looking for the sameIt was a pleasure to work with him.

Oracle Technology Stack
13th July 2019

Sasha helped me to get my new job with Cap gemini. After a period of two months searching I am now in a job that I dreamed about regularly. Thanks Sasha.

Oracle BI Consultant
14th June 2019